Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Hello there! Some of you who may already follow me would have most likely realised that all of my posts have gone, this is due to the fact that I wasn't happy with the way my blog looked and the content that was shown throughout the posts, so after thinking long and hard I decided to select every post and click the little 'delete' button, and I can safely say I haven't yet regretted it. The thought of starting over has made me feel a lot happier and has also made me extremely excited about sharing my life with you.
 So to start, let me introduce myself properly. My name is Charlotte and I'm a 'petite' seventeen year old from the North East of England. A couple of years back I got introduced to the world of blogging by my big sister Emily and ever since its been a thing I've been highly interested in. So to you all who are already following me, Hi again and to you who may be a new reader, It's nice to meet you!

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